16 Feb 2021
Posted by: Emily Rieger

Effective Guerilla Marketing Tactics

Make a lasting impression and connection with Guerilla Marketing…

What is Guerilla Marketing?

Guerilla Marketing delivers messages to the public through memorable, surprising, and original methods. It is an advertising strategy that targets people’s emotions and focuses on building brand relationships. Guerilla Marketing can target up to all 5 senses, while other traditional mediums can only stimulate 1–2 senses.

Guerilla Advertising is not just limited to occurring outside. It can strike anywhere and everywhere. With Guerilla Marketing, you approach things from a diverse angle. You can plan and execute dream campaigns with little to no rules and restrictions.

Examples of Guerilla Marketing

To help you further understand Guerilla Marketing, here are some Guerilla Advertising campaigns we launched

Beefeater Pink Guerilla Marketing Campaign

Beefeater Pink Guerilla Marketing Campaign

We merged projections with a scent cannon to advertise the strawberry-flavored gin, Beefeater Pink. We set the scent cannon in a parking lot, and when pedestrians wandered by the projections, they immediately smelled a strawberry fragrance, creating an immersive sensory experience. 3D strawberries were also fastened to Beefeater Pink Wildposting® to further flourish brand awareness.

The Beefeater Pink Guerilla Marketing campaign dispensed a distinctive experience by stimulating smell since marketing campaigns typically exclude that sensation.

Corona Guerilla Marketing Campaign

Corona Guerilla Marketing Campaign

To promote the popular beer brand, Corona, we combined projections with street karaoke. Passersby had the opportunity to belt karaoke while being projected on building walls throughout Canada. Participants could take videos, plus they were gifted with Corona swag to memorize the exhilarating night.

Malibu Rum Guerilla Marketing Campaign

Malibu Rum Guerilla Marketing Campaign

We converted our display truck into a mobile bar to advertise Malibu Rum. Complete with a bamboo roof, beach sand, surfboards and a Tiki Bar. The display truck also integrated a photo wall which people could take pictures with and post to Instagram emphasizing the event hashtag. The Island in the 6ix rode around Toronto and parked in popular downtown neighborhoods. Brand Ambassadors invited people into the Mobile Bar for free Malibu Rum samples along with branded swag.

Effective Guerilla Marketing Tactics

Now that we have an understanding of Guerilla Marketing, below are various Guerilla Marketing tactics…

Street Marketing

As the name suggests, Street Marketing is executed when brands are promoted to the public in public spaces. Street Marketing includes a wide range of mediums such as chalk art, stencils, murals, street frames and much more!

Street Marketing is an affordable advertising medium that can be adjusted and customized to meet all budgets. Street Marketing snatches attention since it intersects people’s daily routines.

fantastic beasts street marketing campaign

An example of Street Advertising is the mural we painted to promote the new Fantastic Beasts movie. A striking mural was illustrated on a popular city wall and wands were affixed to the mural to make it stand out even more.

Ambient Marketing

Ambient Marketing is conveyed when advertisements are affixed on bizarre items or in uncommon places people wouldn’t habitually view an ad.  Ambient Advertising can be executed inside or outside. Ambient Marketing creates curiosity and stimulates viewers minds while they are trying to comprehend the campaign message.


Tory Lanez Ambient Marketing Campaign

To promote Tory Lanez’s new album, we launched an Ambient Marketing campaign. We set up a giant inflatable pink iPod in popular Toronto areas such as Dundas Square. The iPod looked like it was playing his new album, Chixtape 5.

Projection Marketing

Projection Marketing is images and/or video clips displayed on building walls through the use of a projector. It is best suited when your campaign goal is to target the nighttime crowd. Projections can be setup by concerts, bars, sporting events, or restaurants.

Projections attract interest since people are accustomed to staring at plain brick walls. Green screens, live-streaming, 3D mapping, and format gaming can all be utilized to enhance projections and turn them into interactive experiences.

Scotia Gallery Projection Marketing Campaign

We ran a successful interactive projection campaign for Scotia Gallery. Artists had the chance to have their work livestreamed to the Scotia Gallery projections if they utilized the event hashtag.

Ambush Marketing

Ambush Marketing is when a brand seizes another marketer’s campaign to boost their own brand. Ambush Advertising typically strives to associate a brand with a popular event without actually being the event sponsor. To dodge legal trouble, the brand alludes to the event but refrains from utilizing explicit trademarks.

A well-known example is when Reebok sponsored the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, but Nike advertised throughout the city that the Olympics were held without going into Reebok’s jurisdiction. Nike utilized Olympic-themed advertisements to lead people into believing they were the Olympic sponsors.

Mobile Vehicle Marketing

Mobile Vehicle Marketing is achieved by affixing advertisements to automobiles to boost a product or service. Mobile Vehicle Marketing includes display trucks, mobile billboards, digital billboards, and food trucks. With Mobile Vehicle Advertising, you can target cyclists, motorists, and pedestrians.

Another advantage of Mobile Vehicle Marketing is that you can target multiple neighborhoods and cities in one activation. You have complete freedom over choosing the routes the Mobile Vehicle drives and the areas it parks.

Love Island Mobile Vehicle Marketing Campaign

To boost Love Island, we transformed our display truck into a beach scene. The Love Island display truck drove around Toronto and parked in high-traffic areas. Brand Ambassadors interacted with the public and handed out branded swag to generate hype.

Stealth Marketing

Stealth Marketing is when someone is being advertised to without them grasping, they’re being marketed to. The main objective of Stealth Marketing is to generate enthusiasm, awareness, and interest.

BlackBerry executed a Stealth Marketing campaign to promote their new phone. Females were hired to flirt with men in bars and ask for their numbers so they could input it into the BlackBerry Phone.

Stealth Marketing also includes product placement, which is when businesses place their products directly in movies and/or TV shows.

As you can probably assume, Stealth Marketing can trigger ethical debates. However, it is a unique strategy that can be very effective at generating buzz for a new product.

Wildposting® Marketing

Wildposting® Marketing is when posters are affixed to outdoor boards to spread messages. Wildposting® are affordable, effective, and attention-grabbing. With Wildposting®, your message can spread to multiple neighborhoods, cities, and countries.

wildposting marketing

To help you better apprehend Wildposting®, above is a picture of one of our Wildposting® boards with various Wildposting® campaigns and styles.

Pop-Up Marketing

With Pop-Up Marketing, you can interact with customers in a creative way without having the costs of a store location. Pop-Up Shops create awareness, amusing experiences, and brand connections.

Pop-Up Stores are momentary retail enterprises that arise for short periods in malls, on the streets, or at events. The length of a Pop-Up Shop varies, and it could be open for a few hours, days, or weeks.

Gymshark launched an extremely successful 2-day Pop-Up shop in Toronto. The Pop-Up lured lineups of fans who were eager to purchase Gymshark attire and meet the Gymshark athletic ambassadors.

Street Team Marketing

Street Team Marketing is when people represent brands and interact with the public to boost the brands. Street Team Advertising brings brands to life and puts a face on your brand.

Street Teams can educate and inform people about your brand. They can perform product demos, answer product questions, and/or hand out product samples.

tourisme montreal street team marketing campaign

To promote Tourisme Montreal, we executed a distinctive Street Team Marketing campaign. Brand Ambassadors rode around Toronto on lit-up bicycles with Montreal themed symbols. The Street Teams interacted with the public while boosting Montreal attractions.

Guerilla Marketing is fun, exciting, bold, thrilling, and edgy! It enables people to view your brand through a unique lens. If you like what you hear and want to take on a Guerilla Marketing campaign, then contact us today…