22 Dec 2020
Posted by: Emily Rieger

Grassroots’ Top Guerilla Marketing Campaigns of 2020

For over 35 years, we have been launching guerilla marketing campaigns and bringing visions to life. Guerilla marketing creates lasting memories, connections, and relationships. It’s unique, bold, edgy, thrilling, and personable.

As 2020 is coming to an end, it’s time to acknowledge our top guerilla marketing campaigns…

Pearl Jam Guerilla Marketing Campaign

To announce the release of Pearl Jam’s first album in 7 years, we helped launch a Wildposting® campaign which incorporated augmented reality.

The Pearl Jam website displayed a world map with pins of the exact locations of their gigantic waterfall Wildposting® in 11 different countries. There was also a message prompting fans to visit the nearest location. Once fans arrived, there was a link to activate an AR lens through either Facebook or Instagram.

If users pointed their phone lens towards the Wildposting® while utilizing the filter, the waterfalls in the postings began to flow, and the band’s name appeared at the top in what usually looked like a simple red line. Users then had the option of taking a video of the waterfalls then posting it in their Instagram or Facebook story.

pearl jam guerilla marketing campaign

We were ecstatic to run the Toronto Wildposting® campaign for Pearl Jam at College and Rusholme. Pearl Jam effectively launched an engaging and interactive worldwide campaign that not only included augmented reality but was also tied to social media.


Mooby’s Guerilla Marketing Campaign

Mooby's Guerilla Marketing Campaign

To help promote the Mooby’s pop-up, we hung Clerks-inspired banners all over the downtown core to encourage Torontonians to go to SkipTheDishes and enjoy an utterly delicious dinner. Mooby’s is a fictional fast-food joint featured in some of Kevin Smith’s movies, such as Clerks 2 and Dogma.


Converse Guerilla Marketing Campaign

converse twisted guerilla marketing campaign

We launched a 3D wall for Converse Twisted at Queen and Peter in Toronto. The message and image on the wall would change depending on the angle from which people were viewing it.

If you’d like to see the Converse Wall twist, watch…


Popeyes Guerilla Marketing Campaign

popeyes guerilla marketing campaign

To boost Popeyes, a massive mural was painted at 21 Ossington in Toronto. The Popeyes mural stopped traffic while adding charm to the Queen W/Ossington area. To see how this striking mural came about, watch our exciting video below…


Molson Export Guerilla Marketing Campaign

Molson Export Guerilla Marketing Campaign

To celebrate the restoration of Molson Export as the official beer of the Montreal Canadiens, we hung Tear-Away Wildposting® throughout Montreal. People could rip off and take a Montreal Canadiens poster home with them. There were 4 poster creatives to choose from, and each poster highlighted essential team moments.


Together Even When We’re Apart Guerilla Marketing Campaign

together even when we're apart guerilla marketing campaign

We collaborated with Partial Gallery and Labour Of Love to launch Together Even When We’re Apart. The inspirational initiative beautified the Toronto streets and connected local artists with local businesses.


Amazon Prime Utopia Guerilla Marketing Campaign

Amazon Utopia Guerilla Marketing Campaign

To boost Utopia, we launched a 3D lenticular wall. Utopia was a new television series that was released on Amazon Prime on September 25th, which aligned with the start date of the 3D wall campaign.


Downsview Park Guerilla Marketing Campaign

Downsview Park Guerilla Marketing Campaign

To celebrate Canada Day and promote togetherness, we installed stencils throughout Downsview Park.


The Bentway Guerilla Marketing Campaign

the bentway guerilla marketing campaign

The Bentway launched AllRightNow, which was a public art project capturing the various experiences and perspectives of COVID-19. To promote ItsAllRightNow, we ran 3 unique and creative Wildposting® flights during the summer.


Juice WRLD Guerilla Marketing Campaign

Juice WRLD Guerilla Markeitng Campaign

We painted a vibrant mural at 21 Ossington to honor Juice WRLD and promote his posthumous album, Legends Never Die. Juice WRLD mini-monsters accompanied the mural to further increase exposure.

We hope everyone has a happy and safe New Year, and we are looking forward to all the unique campaigns that 2021 could hold!