22 Mar 2021
Posted by: Emily Rieger

Guerilla Marketing Ideas for 2021

With Guerilla Marketing, you can launch a mind-blowing campaign that people will never ever forget…

During these unprecedented times, it has been challenging to plan and execute marketing campaigns. Many marketing mediums are no longer available given our current circumstances. However, here are ways you can run a Guerilla Marketing campaign that delivers your message in a safe and comfortable manner.

Off the Wall Wildposting®

Make your posters spring off hoardings and snag attention with Off the Wall Wildposting®.

Off the Wall Wildposting® are outdoor posters that have 3D items affixed to it. The objective of the object fluctuates from campaign to campaign. The element could be there to generate emphasis, or it could be free samples for people to tear off.

With Off the Wall Wildposting®, you can distribute swag or samples to people without direct contact. Off the Wall Wildposting® provide a safe and original way to create connections with potential customers.

Display Trucks

Another way to market your brand is to transform a Display Truck into a setting that embodies your brand. The Display Truck could then drive along high-traffic routes and park in popular areas. Both the outside and inside the display truck can be decorated with your branding.

A huge advantage of Display Trucks is you can drive your message from community to community. You do not have to halt in just one spot, and you can hit multiple target neighborhoods in just one activation.

Street Frames Merged with Wildposting®

Street Frames and Wildposting® can be combined to reach massive audiences. Street Frames target people walking in stores and it is extremely fitting if your product is sold at the store the frame is at. Street Frames can also be seen by pedestrians walking by the stores.

A benefit of merging Wildposting® and Street Frames is that the same creative can be employed for both mediums. Street Frames are 24” by 36” enclosed posters and Wildposting® singles are also 24” by 36” posters.

Augmented Reality Wildposting®

An extremely unique feature of Wildposting® is it can be utilized to launch an augmented reality campaign. Your Wildposting® could be set up so if users point an AR lens towards it then items in the Wildposting® would appear like it’s moving through the screen.

AR Wildposting® can generate an out-of-the-box and interactive experience that people won’t be able to overlook.

Tear-Away Wildposting®  

Tear-Away Wildposting® are pads of Wildposting® fastened on a board for people to rip off and take home with them. Similar to Off the Wall Wildposting®, you can communicate with customers in a creative and personal way without having to have direct contact.

Tear-Away Wildposting® are especially fitting for campaigns featuring musicians since fans frequently purchase and collect music posters. Thus, Tear-Away posters generate goodwill and positive experiences since fans would be ecstatic to receive a free music poster.

Projections Joined with Backpack Billboards

Projections and Backpack Billboards can both be utilized to communicate to the night crowd. Projections leap off walls since people are habituated to gazing at plain city walls. Backpack Billboards can also be seen all night long due to the backlit feature.

Thus, Projections merged with Backpack Billboards will help create greater emphasis to your campaign.

Ambient Marketing

Ambient Marketing is when objects are placed in unusual places or on bizarre structures to boost brands. Ambient Marketing campaigns provoke curiosity and attentiveness as individuals are comprehending the campaign message.

Ambient Marketing is especially suitable for the current times because your campaign can snatch people’s interest and create a memorable experience without having to directly interact with someone.

Murals Merged with Wildposting®

Murals present brands through a stunning and striking lens. Murals beautify neighborhoods and seize attention since ordinary brick surrounds it. If you launch a Mural campaign combined with Wildposting® then you can further increase your campaign’s reach and exposure.

Mobile Vehicle Trucks tied with Street Teams  

Another effective Guerilla Marketing idea is combining Mobile Vehicle trucks with Street Teams. The Mobile Vehicle truck could travel from neighborhood to neighborhood and the Street Team could socialize with the public whenever the truck parks. The Street Team would follow safety precautions by staying 6ft away from others and wearing masks if needed.

Stencils Combined with Wildposting®

Stencils blanket communities while Wildposting® decorate it. Stencils are best suited for delivering a brief message while Wildposting® can fit longer messages.

Stencils and Wildposting® can both be used as directions that lead people to your store. Stencils can also be employed to signal people to look at your Wildposting®.

These are puzzling times but launching a Guerilla Marketing campaign doesn’t have to be. If you like what you hear and want to execute a Guerilla Marketing campaign, then contact us today…