25 Apr 2016

8 Tips To Creating An Engaging Outdoor Advertisement

Billboards & Outdoor Posters are the most common form of outdoor advertising, yet they only have six to seven seconds to capture the attention of drivers and pedestrians. This is why it’s imperative that a billboard is catchy in order to ensure that the advertising potential is maximized. Creating an engaging ad has a lot to do with making it innovative or creative, so we’re taking a look at some tips and tricks to ensure you’ll gain attention with your Outdoor Ad.

  1. Make them Interactive.Getting viewers to interact with the ad in some way is an easy way to make it memorable. In one of McDonald’s many brilliant advertising strategies, they made their billboard into a game. People had to use their phones to capture the various images displayed on the billboard. If they won, they were rewarded with free food. The potential for this type of billboard to go viral on social media makes it even more valuable.
  2. Make them Functional.A purpose beyond advertising will surely attract attention, making it a memorable experience for everyone involved. For example, IBM created a curve to their billboard, which allowed it to serve as both a bench and a rain shelter as opposed to merely serving as an advertisement. Similarly, McDonald’s once had a billboard that displayed the weather. This brought attention to them not only from people looking to absorb the message but also from people who need the service it’s providing.
  3. Add Dimension.A three-dimensional ad can attract attention from far away. Optical illusions always create a memorable experience and are often highly shared on social media.
  4. Make them Stand out from their Surroundings.This can be done by using bright colours on your ad, or consider adding spotlights or making the billboard glow-in-the-dark.
  5. Make it into a Mural.Making an outdoor advertisement in the style of a mural sets it apart from more traditional ads because their artistry is more likely to come across as interesting rather than promotional.
  6. Place it in Unexpected Locations. Outdoor advertisements don’t have to be hiked on a post above the highway. Finding an unexpected location, like at the bottom of a swimming pool, will immediately attract attention. Passersby consume the same standard media every day, but giving them something out of the ordinary will make it memorable.
  7. Play on Powerful Emotions.Incorporating powerful emotions into your advertisement will create a more personalized experience. Studies have found that advertisements with a strong emotional message are remembered twice as often as those with humour or promotions.
  8. Add a Tangible Product. This adds dimension to the advertisement and makes it immediately attention-grabbing. Apple did this by adding actual records to their billboard to advertise both the iPod and iTunes.

If you create a memorable experience through innovation, your billboard will have a strong impact. For more information on how to better create outdoor ads, contact our team today!