30 Nov 2020
Posted by: Emily Rieger

10 Tips to Wheatpasting

What is Wheatpasting?

Wheatpasting, also known as Wildposting® or flyposting, is when posters are affixed onto surfaces such as boards, construction hoardings, or poles with the purpose of delivering a message. Wheatpasting effectively delivers messages, whether you’re boosting a brand, event, company, or cause. Wheatpasting has a far reach since you can target multiple neighborhoods, cities, and countries.

With wheatpasting, your message will have 24/7 visibility and will be up for the entire campaign duration. It is a relatively simple and straightforward process to execute a wheatpasting campaign. Fortunately, wheatpasting is also extremely affordable, and the campaign length, locations, and poster size can all be altered to meet your budget.

Wheatpasting Tips

Now that you have an understanding of wheatpasting, here are 10 tips for wheatpasting…

Contrasting Elements

Utilizing contrasting elements in your wheatpaste design will help it leap off the board. Contrast is crafted by disparities in elements, and it adds visual fascination to designs. You can add contrast to your wheatpaste poster through color, texture, typography, position, emphasis, and/or unexpected elements.

Here are specific ways you can add contrast to your wheatpaste design…

  • Mixing light-colored text with a dark-colored background
  • Integrating dark-colored text with a light-colored background
  • Including desaturated colors with bright colors
  • Incorporating opposite hues on the color wheel
  • Combining items of several sizes
  • Mixing rough items with smooth items
  • Integrating flat elements with raised elements
  • Mixing serif text with non-serif text
  • Combining condensed font with extended font
  • Including bold font with normal font
  • Integrating all caps with low caps
  • Adding space around items
  • Mixing left-aligned items with right-aligned items

Font Size

We highly recommend using a large font size for your wheatpaste poster. This will ensure that pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists can view your Wildposting® from a distance.

Before designing the poster, you should sort your content from the most important to the least. The most vital information should then have the largest font size, so it grabs the most attention.

Minimal Text

Since people are on the move while viewing your wheatpaste poster, you should aim to convey your message utilizing as few words as possible. You can also use images to help deliver your message.

Legible Typography

We highly recommend using legible, clear and readable typography. It can be extremely tempting to use funky fonts, but since people are on the move, the typography especially needs to be clear and easy to comprehend.

Multiple Locations

You can increase your reach and exposure by increasing the amount of fly-posting locations.

Wheatpasting Size

The larger your wheatpaste poster, the larger the elements can be on it. Thus, people will be able to see your message from further distances. At Grassroots, we offer a variety of different wheatpasting sizes to meet your objectives.


Colors elicit varying emotions, feelings, and expressions. For instance, blue provokes feelings of calmness, while orange provokes happiness. Thus, you should choose colors that align with the message you are trying to portray. We also suggest using brand colors, so people can instantly recognize your flyposting.


If you are wheatpasting yourself or hiring a company to do it, you should ensure your wheatpaste posters get maintained. Wheatpaste posters could get torn, graffitied, or fade from the weather, so it’s essential to maintain your posters.  We constantly maintain our Wildposting® to ensure they remain in pristine condition.

High-Traffic Locations

When picking locations, you should choose areas where your target market is. We also suggest picking areas with high traffic, so you get the most exposure.

3D Element

Affixing objects to your wheatpaste posters will literally make them stick out. The possibilities are endless for the objects you can use.  You can add objects to just create visual interest or you can add free samples to the wheatpaste poster. You could also attach multiple wheatpaste posters on the board for people to rip off and take home.

Wheatpasting is an extremely effective advertising medium that will deliver your message to a large audience at a low cost. If you’re interested in booking a wheatpasting campaign, then contact us today.