26 Aug 2020
Posted by: Emily Rieger

How to Launch a Successful Wildposting® Campaign

Bring your message to the streets by Wildposting® your city.

Wildposting® is an extremely effective advertising medium that has been around throughout human history and continues to be influential today. Launching a Wildposting®campaign is a relatively straightforward process. The beginning of the planning process is similar to other advertising mediums, where you need to clarify your objective(s), message(s), and target market(s). Fortunately, with Wildposting®, there is a lot of freedom and flexibility when executing a campaign. You can choose the areas to target, markets, campaign length, number of locations, Wildposting® size, and much more.

Wildposting® is suitable for any brand, company, event, or business size. Wildposting® campaigns successfully build brand awareness, generate buzz, and stimulate audience engagement. Even the hardest-to-reach consumers view Wildposting® since they cannot be tuned out or turned off.

If you’re interested in launching a Wildposting® campaign, then here are guidelines on how to do it successfully…

Wildposting® Campaign Objective

Before designing a Wildposting® creative, we suggest plotting your campaign objectives.

What is the purpose of your campaign? What are you hoping to achieve from this campaign? 

Once you figure out your campaign objective(s), then you can plan your message, design, and campaign details. Objectives impact all campaign aspects. For instance, a teaser/reveal campaign is when two different creatives are posted in succession to generate buildup. Teaser/Reveal campaigns are suitable when your campaign objective is to inform people of an upcoming event or product. The images below are of a teaser/reveal campaign we ran for White Claw.

white claw Wildposting®

Wildposting® Campaign Message

You should also clarify what you would like to say before designing your Wildposting®. Try to communicate your message with the least amount of words possible. People are walking, cycling, or driving when they view your Wildposting®, so your message should be concise. Minimum words will help ensure passersby can read and understand your message. Utilizing images can also help get your message across in a time-efficient manner.

If you have multiple messages, then you can utilize multiple Wildposting® flights. You can use as many Wildposting® creatives as you desire to ensure all your messages get across.

If you’re planning on running a multi-market campaign, you could also adjust the message for each market. For instance, when we run campaigns in Montreal, most people utilize a Wildposting® creative in French, and in other Canadian markets, their Wildposting® text is in English, like the Absolut creatives below.

Absolut Wildposting®

Another example is the multi-market campaign we ran for Riff where they adjusted each cities’ Wildposting® message. The design stayed the same, however, the message was slightly altered to include references to that city. Below is an image of the Toronto creative with the text, High Park. This creative was only used in Toronto since High Park is a Toronto landmark, and other cities might not know of it.

Aphria Riff Wildposting®

Target Market

It’s essential to establish your target market before creating your Wildposting® and planning campaign details. Your target market influences where your campaign locations should be, if your campaign is multi-market, and it impacts your design.

If you have several target markets, then you can always utilize different Wildposting® creatives to appeal to all your markets.

Your campaign will be most effective if you know the places your target market(s) like to go so you can put up Wildposting® in those areas. Ask yourself…

Where does your target market live? Where do they work? Where do they hang out?

Answering these questions will help you organize your campaign locations accordingly. Maybe your target market is Wildposting® in NYC, or maybe somewhere in Europe or Canada. Find your target market, whether it’s using Wildposting® in Toronto, or Chicago, go where your audience is.


Before executing a Wildposting® campaign, you should establish a budget. It’s essential to know your budget early on in the planning process so you know which campaign attributes you can afford. Fortunately, Wildposting® campaigns are extremely cost-effective and customizable to meet budgets.

Wildposting® Size and Style

The next step is to pick a Wildposting® size and style. Your brand, budget, and message strongly impact this decision.

We offer a variety of Wildposting® sizes, such as singles, mini monsters, monsters, and dominations. Dominations are the largest Wildposting® size, and they take over an entire hoarding. With dominations, you have more space for your message, however it is more expensive than the other styles.

A unique Wildposting® style we offer is Tear Away Posters. Tear-Aways are when stacks of posters are affixed to a board for people to rip off and take home with them. This creates positive brand impressions and increases brand awareness because people can put the posters up in their offices, houses, and many other places, which will reach more people. For instance, we ran a Tear-Away campaign for Vitamin Water where people could take part of the Wildposting® creative home with them.

vitamin water Wildposting®

Another creative style we offer is Off the Wall campaigns which is when Wildposting® have one or more objects attached to them. The purpose of the item varies from campaign to campaign, but typically the 3D objects are free samples or used to snatch attention. For example, we launched an Off the Wall campaign for Beefeater Pink where we affixed giant 3D strawberries to their Monster Wildposting®.

beefeater pink wild posting

Wildposting® Creative

Once you choose your Wildposting® size, you can start creating the design. There are numerous essential elements to consider when forming a Wildposting®. Here are our tips to help you construct a Wildposting® that will leap off the board and snatch attention.

You can add visual interest and fascination to your Wildposting® by employing contrasting elements. Contrast is formed by variances in features such as size, color, or shape. Contrast can be created by combining light and dark colors, desaturated and bright colors, or opposite hues on the color wheel. You can differentiate font style, size, and/or weight to craft contrast between words. You can also emphasize items by adding space around them, adding texture, or placing them in other spots on the poster.

Each color elicits different emotions and feelings. For example, orange provokes feelings of happiness and friendliness, while blue elicits calmness and honesty. Thus, you should utilize colors that align with your brand and the message you are trying to portray.

To ensure people can comprehend your Wildposting® while on the move, you should employ large and legible text. Contrasting background and text colors will help make your text comprehendible and noticeable.

You can also craft visual interest through negative space, emphasis, shapes, vibrant colors, layering, and spacing.

Wildposting® Campaign Details

The next step in the Wildposting® planning process is to plot your campaign details, which include picking campaign locations, length, and timing.

Your target market(s), budget, and objective(s) all impact locations. For example, if your objective was to let people know your store just opened, then you should pick locations close to your store and in areas where your customers would be.

The areas your target market(s) live and visit determine where your Wildposting® locations should be. Your locations could be close to gyms, malls, restaurants, bars, and many more. At Grassroots, we can launch campaigns all over Canada, the United States, and Europe.

When picking campaign dates, it’s helpful to research city events, games, and concerts in case you want your campaign to coincide with those events. The weather and the current season are also important factors. For example, travel companies advertise warm-climate destinations during the winter months because people are more likely to want to travel to hot destinations when their weather is cold.

contiki Wildposting®

A positive aspect of Wildposting® campaigns is that the Wildposting® is visible for the entire campaign duration. So, if you launch a 2-week campaign, then your Wildposting® will be visible all day and night for two weeks straight. We also constantly maintain our Wildposting® to ensure it remains in pristine condition.

Wildposting® Execution  

The final step is to choose a Wildposting® company to launch your campaign, unless you have the resources to do it yourself. If you plan on utilizing a Wildposting® agency, then gazing at their past campaigns and clients will help reveal their capabilities. Some important factors to consider are whether they can execute printing, prices, the markets they offer, poster maintenance, and their board locations. Typically, it is more convenient to choose a Wildposting® company that offers printing services, so the execution can be more streamlined, and it ensures the poster quality is appropriate for posting. Board locations influence exposures, so you should also ensure the agency has high-traffic boards.

At Grassroots, all you have to do is send us your Wildposting® creative file, tell us your campaign details, and we will handle the rest. We can print your posters and put them up all over Canada, the United States, and Europe. Our locations are also in areas with high foot traffic, such as the downtown Toronto core.

We strive to launch campaigns that are fitting to each one of our client’s needs. Our Wildposting® campaigns can be customized to meet your brand vision. For more information, visit our Wildposting® section or contact us today.