27 Aug 2018
Posted by: Emily Rieger

Top 5 Advantages of Wheat Pasting

Grassroots Advertising Inc. has been providing guerrilla marketing services for over 35 years, and wheat pasting continues to be one of our most beneficial services. Wheat pasting poster is an advertising method where static prints are placed in several locations to entice maximum engagement. The actual wheat paste is a liquid adhesive that is created using wheat flour or water that is mixed with starch. Wheat pasting is a very effective medium that has numerous advantages.

Wheat Pasting Provides High Visibility

Wheat paste posters reach a massive audience and can be extremely successful at creating brand awareness and recognition. Wheat pasting can result in the gain of many new customers due to the high degree of exposure, and it can also be seen by people who are difficult to reach. With outdoor advertising, people cannot change the channel, so there is a greater chance of outdoor ads obtaining observations. To ensure positive brand awareness, we offer our clients a variety of location options in areas with high foot traffic, such as the Toronto downtown core.

Strategic Distribution of Wheat Pasting

A huge advantage of wheat pasting is the freedom to choose the locations of posters. This results in having the ability to post in areas where specific target markets are located. People can decide to target areas close to malls, bars, businesses, and many other areas.

Style Variety of Wheat Pasting

Wheat paste posters come in several different sizes and styles that can be suitable for any brand image. The style types we offer are singles, mini monsters, monsters, dominations, and tear-aways. Singles are 24 inches by 36 inches, and the creatives can be repeated in blocks or can form a checkerboard. Four separate posters create a Mini-Monster which is 48 inches by 72 inches. A Monster is formed using 10 poster creatives, which makes a giant poster that is 6 ft by 10 ft. A domination commands the street and is formed using 40 posters, which creates a massive poster that is 40 ft by 6 ft. Tear-aways are posters that allow people to take part of the campaign home such as the actual poster creative. Our diverse wheat pasting styles enable us to create campaigns that are fitting for all our client’s needs.


Wheat pasting offers high exposure for a lower cost, which results in a greater return on investment compared to other advertising mediums. Wheat pasting prices are also customizable, so people can create an amazing campaign within their specific budget.

Longstanding Exposure

Wheat paste posters can be viewed at any time of the day and any day of the week. They have longstanding visibility and can be displayed for various weeks at a time. Customers can select the campaign length that meets their objectives, and we constantly maintain posters to guarantee that they remain in excellent condition.

At Grassroots, we strive to create a campaign that is fitting to every one of our client’s needs. Wheat pasting is over thousands of years old, and it continues to be an outstanding medium that creates a tremendous amount of successful advertising campaigns.