1 Aug 2016

How To Successfully Market Yourself To Potential Customers

Marketing your products and services is a fundamental component of success for any business. But many business owners still overlook the things that can help them achieve higher conversion rates with prospective customers.

Understanding the importance of a value proposition and speaking directly to the needs of your current and future customers are the first steps in creating a consistent source of new business.

The following will help you successfully market yourself to potential customers and create lasting relationships that support the long-term growth of your business.

Know Your Value

Why are your products or services worth purchasing? What makes them unique and better than those of your competitors?

These are just two of the questions that a unique value proposition can answer. But today’s businesses often overlook the need to articulate this value, and many business owners struggle when they’re asked to define it.

Simply stating that your offer is better than your competitors isn’t enough to successfully market yourself to new customers.

Your value must be specific. It must speak to the needs of your potential customers and help them realize why your business is the obvious choice in addressing their plan points.

Consider the unique features of your product or service. What makes it stand out ahead of its competitors? You may know what these features are, but you may have failed to explain them clearly in your marketing messages.

Focus on Benefits

Unlike the features of your product or service, which describe what your product is, the benefits of your offer describe what your products or services do for potential customers.

Focusing on the benefits allows prospects to understand what they’ll gain when they decide to become paying customers.

Avoid listing too many benefits when marketing to potential customers. Too many options can cause confusion or friction, which can reduce your conversion rates. Emphasize the most important benefits that your product or service offers.

Match Your Offer to the Needs of Your Prospects

Potential customers are more likely to respond to offers that feel personalized to their unique needs. By creating a more customized solution, you enhance the experience of your brand in the minds of your customers.

Avoid using overly technical or complex wording. Instead, use simple, clear, and personable language that resonates with your customers. This increases the likelihood that they’ll connect with your message and lays the foundation for lasting relationships.

Knowing the value of your products and services allows you to better market yourself to potential customers.

By defining your value proposition and speaking in a way that connects with prospects, you’ll increase your success in marketing your business and achieve consistent growth for the future.